About the Manager

Eagle Asset Management (CP) Limited

The manager of Champion REIT is Eagle Asset Management (CP) Limited (abbreviated as EAM). EAM has the general power of management over the assets of Champion REIT. Under the trust deed of Champion REIT, the manager of the Trust cannot act as manager of any other real estate investment trusts and EAM's primary role is to manage the assets of Champion REIT for the benefit of the Unitholders. EAM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Great Eagle Holdings Limited (stock code 0041), one of Hong Kong's leading property and hotel companies. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Great Eagle develops, invests in and manages high quality office, retail, residential and hotel properties in Asia, North America, Australasia and Europe. 


EAM is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission to conduct the regulated activity of asset management, as required by the REIT Code.

SFC Certificate

Key Objectives

EAM's key objectives for Champion REIT are to provide Unitholders with stable and sustainable distribution per Unit and to achieve long-term growth in the NAV per Unit. EAM's management team will set the strategic direction and risk management policies of Champion REIT and will undertake acquisitions, divestments or enhancement of assets of the Trust in accordance with its stated investment strategy and in accordance with the provisions of the trust deed of Champion REIT.