Our Approach

Core Values

Core Values

Sustainability has long been central to Champion REIT’s business philosophy and culture. We do our utmost to integrate sustainable development into every facet of our business, creating long-term value for not only our business but also the communities in which we operate.

Sustainability Management

Chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, our Sustainability Working Group comprises key functional areas, covering leasing, marketing, asset management, property management, investor relations and corporate communications. The Group develops overarching strategies and oversees the sustainability progress of every facet of business.

2030 Environment, Social and Governance Targets

The Trust has formulated the 2030 sustainability blueprint to manage our ESG performance in a measurable and systematic approach. The blueprint lays out 14 long-term targets in alignment with nine of the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) of the United Nations. We have also taken into account insights collected from the stakeholder engagement exercises. We will engage internal and external stakeholders to work hand in hand to achieve the long-term targets. Together, let us embark on the sustainability journey and build a better future.

As influencer, together with our stakeholders, we create positive ripple effects and bring lasting impacts to our community.

Sustainability Working Group

Sustainability Working Group Sustainability Working Group